I wish to extend my sincere thanks to you for taking time out in visiting our website.

At Shokeen International School, we practice and promote an environment of continuous learning and sustenance. We are geared towards providing every effort that can make a mark in carving the niche for your child. Be it our interesting curriculum, an all-engaging staff, perfectly eco-friendly infrastructure, on the whole, we aim in instilling the primary crucial spirit to ‘live’ in each and every heart here.

Truth is eternal, permanent and always prevails. And for us, this truth is inextricably linked to nurturing excellence and optimism in every young mind. We encourage our children and staff to work as one unbeatable team when it comes to learning and knowledge. Beneath this informational exchange is the actual seed for shaping future, and this seed rests deep inside every child. Our efforts are driven towards the nurture of this innocent, carefree seed to make it confident, stronger and adept to face every challenge of life. From morning assemblies, to interactive teaching sessions, to the playful interaction amongst students, S.I.S today, stands high in its path of accomplishing holistic development of children.

Our vision lies in supporting and directing feeble roots to make them stronger enough to bear the wings of a better future. We encourage our students to aim high and dream big, but let not dreams matter.

We promise your child a positive, lively spirit to keep him going in all paths of life, be it challenges or success.

Kusum Rathore