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Shokeen International School extends beyond its institutional dimension and promises hope, fulfillment, and all-around development. Shokeen International School is all about Us the development and growth of many young minds towards their future dreams It offers an incomparable platform to channelize many young minds towards their future dreams. It instills in every spirit, the fervor to forge ahead and be a life-long learner.

Nourishing children with care, knowledge, and optimism, our school assures a lasting vision to keep them going in all avenues of growth.

Established in 2004, our school stays committed towards its essential and ultimate goal of inculcating the right spirit in every child. From the start, we have been firm and growing in shaping the future and career of many young aspirants. Prior to its establishment, we had Vedic Kanya Gurukul, a charitable abode to support and foster the holistic development of girls.

We strongly believe that an institution’s role is not just limited to the arena of academic excellence.

More importantly, it is the optimum mix of academics and recreation that boosts a positive attitude towards life. Following the same principle, we promise comprehensive development of every child.

We encourage children to grab hold of all the possible opportunities offered at School. This website aims to answer your questions, if any, about our school. All things assured, as a school, we look forward to enriching your child’s future with your support and guidance.




To provide quality knowledge to every child and assure an all-round development, which is in sync with the changing trends of the dynamic world.



To shape and nurture the unique skills of all children, instill in them a sense of aesthetics, develop respect towards culture and beliefs and boost in them vital human values like care, compassion, team spirit, confidence, honesty, and respect.



Eco Hub

Situated amidst the lush green corner of Chhawla, our school offers a splendid sight to catch and shape multiple young minds. Keeping in tune with the environment, we teach students to uphold and maintain respect for nature in all their future endeavors.



We at Shokeen International School, ardently believe, that a child’s complete development is only possible when he/she gets an equal mix of academics and fun. Striking the requisite balance between both, we have a modern, well-furnished, spacious building that provides large and small multi-purpose halls/space, a well-designed library, a proper Science lab, huge and vibrant art rooms; spacious, well-ventilated classrooms, staff rooms, modern offices, and a proposed canteen. There is provision for ample free space in the adjoining ground for outdoor activities and sports.

The infrastructure, on the whole, promises the right balance of physical, mental, and psychological growth avenues for children. Streamlining all talents, it offers varied channels of individual and group development.

Shokeen International School
Shokeen International School

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